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Below is a playlist of my ethical theory videos that were made for an online class.  Some of the presentations are in front of a web cam, which make them a little dry, but the later videos are taken from classroom lectures and although a bit longer are also much more animated and lively.  If you want to go directly to a particular ethical theory you can navigate through the column on the right hand side of the page or type it into the search box. I will list the order of the video lectures below the video box and you can click on any theory you are interested in to take you directly to that page.

The videos start with a debate between a deontological and a teleological ethical point of view. I am defending a Kantian type of duty based ethics versus a Utilitarian/Consequentialist ends based ethic. The next video is a personal introduction to my online students. The following video is an introduction to ethics and an outline of the theories to come and how they are evaluated in Timmon’s book, “Conduct and Character.” Then I cover nine different Ethical theories and finish with a brief talk on Christian Ethics.  Each ethical theory is first explained as objectively as I am able.  I simply state what it is, it’s major themes and how it works.  Then I critique each theory, giving a list of pros and cons.  Finally I give my personal opinion of each theory.  Each theory takes between two to six ten minute clips to cover.  I hope you find them helpful.

Let me add a quick qualifier for those of you who do not know me and are not familiar with my teaching style.  I like to teach in what I like to call, “first person.” What I mean by this is that I will try and present each Ethical Theory from the point of view of that theory, or the proponents of the theory.  When I teach Egoism, I’ll try and convince you that Egoism is the best Ethical Theory and the right way to live, when I lecture on Divine Command Theory, I’ll present it as a Divine Command Theorist who believes God’s will is the ultimate moral guideline, etc. For those of you not used to this type of teaching style it may appear as though I’m schizophrenic or have multiple personality disorder.  Although this may be the case, the intention of teaching ethics this way is so that you don’t get a skewed version of each theory.  I believe teaching Egoism as an egoist will give you a much better understanding of the theory than if I teach it as, a “Christian” view of Egoism.  I will conclude each theory with my personal opinion, but not until each theory has been presented and critiqued in its own light.

List of Ethics Videos

Debate between Deontological and Teleological ethical approaches

Personal Introduction

Personal Introduction to online Ethics class

How to evaluate Ethical Theories according to Timmon’s book, “Conduct and Character

Ethical Egoism

Divine Command Theory

Ethical Relativism

Natural Law Theory


Kantian Ethics

Ethics of Care

Virtue Ethics  (Aristotle’s Perfectionism and the Golden Mean)

Existential Ethics  (Pluralism and Particularism or Postmodern Ethics)

Christian Ethics

The Dead Have No Need of Ethics (Live from the Joshua Wilderness Institute)

One thought on “darkwaterhermit’s ethics videos

  1. Olet

    When it comes to these types of things, I always try to keep in mind that God will never lead us to a point of disobedience toward Him. God really does deal with the consequences of our actions; ESPECIALLY when our actions are a result of obedience. The natural thing to do, under the circumstantial scenario, would OF COURSE be to want to save yourself from any impending dangers (i.e. the Nazis coming to the door and asking if you’re housing any Jews). That would be the natural thing to do, in the flesh. However, Matthew 16:25′s, “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it,” pushes us beyond the “natural thing”; the natural desire to save one’s life from harm. In the face of what my flesh would dictate, in the end, there is the cost to consider. Would lying, for the sake of salvation, be okay? Is it something that God would permit for the sake of safety? No. In the end, I do not have to answer to my flesh; rather, the account I give will be before God. In conjunction with the notion of doing unto others…etc, I would want someone to deal honestly with, and about me. This isn’t to deny my feelings of wanting to be safe, but it acknowledges the existence. The only thing is, the voice of truth, the want to maintain integrity, the desire to please God rather than self is a lot bigger than that.


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