Utilitarian Ethics Part 1

Utilitarian Ethics Part 2

Utilitarian Ethics Part 3

Utilitarian Ethics Part 4

Utilitarian Ethics Part 5

Utilitarian Ethics Part 6

Utilitarian Ethics Part 7

Utilitarian Ethics Part 8

(Videos 16-23 in Ethics Video Series)

Utilitarianism or Consequentialism is one of the foremost Ethical Theories in the United States of America.  The greatest good for the greatest number, that which works best, costs cheapest and lasts longest, the ends justify the means etc. these are all Utilitarian catch phrases.  Utilitarianism is a teleological ethical theory, that looks at the end results in order to determine if an action is right or wrong.  If the end results produce more good (well being and happiness) than evil, then the action was good.  These videos give an objective overview, critique and ends with my personal evaluation.  These are in classroom videos with dialog thus it took eight videos to cover the same material, but I think it’s much more interesting than the webcam videos.

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